A cryptocurrency index provider

Product demand

Nasdaq has listed two popular products tracking the returns of Bitcoin and Ethereum - the largest crypto assets.

Institutional investors want a product tracking the returns of the entire crypto market, not only individual assets.

Vinter Capital will create an exchange-traded cryptocurrency index product together with existing asset managers.

The Vinter 5 Index

The Vinter 5 Index will do to cryptocurrencies what the S&P500 did to stocks.

Index Market Company
S&P500 Stocks Standard & Poor
Vinter 5 Crypto Vinter Capital

Our index methodology and software is built.

We already have exchanges and asset managers on board.


The index provider and the asset manager are two of the key roles needed to create an exchange-traded cryptocurrency index product.

Benchmark Regulation

Asset managers (our clients) must use an index provider (like us) in any financial product. EU implemented this regulation to prevent conflicts of interest.

If we become the first regulated cryptocurrency index provider, all asset managers must use Vinter Capital for all their cryptocurrency products.


We have experience from: investment banking, trading, data engineering, index construction, M&A, financial law and entrepreneurship.

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